NUTRIENCE Grain Free – Air dried THE RANCHER牧場風味無穀物風乾全犬糧[牛、三文魚、豬] (454g/ 1kg)


  • Nutrience Grain Free 風乾狗糧 The Rancher 是一款完整而均衡的狗糧,以原料為靈感,展示了加國新鮮、優質的原料。在加拿大小批量手工製作。以低溫風乾食物,有效保留成分中提供的所有營養和風味,從而製成易消化、高營養的食物。可作為膳食、狗糧伴侶或零食餵飼。
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NUTRIENCE Grain Free – Air dried 牧場風味風乾糧 / NUTRIENCE Grain Free – Air dried THE RANCHER

Nutrience Grain Free 風乾狗糧 The Rancher 是一款完整而均衡的狗糧,以原料為靈感,展示了加國新鮮、優質的原料。在加拿大小批量手工製作。以低溫風乾食物,有效保留成分中提供的所有營養和風味,從而製成易消化、高營養的食物。可作為膳食、狗糧伴侶或零食餵飼。
Nutrience Grain Free Air Dried dog food The Fisherman is a complete & balanced, raw-inspired for dogs, showcasing our country’s fresh, high quality ingredients. Handcrafted in small batches in Canada, we gently air-dry our foods at low temperatures to preserve all the nutrients & flavours those ingredients have to offer, resulting in a highly digestible, highly nutritious and, just simply, a really good-for-them food. Gently air dried and minimally processed to give you the very best Canada has to offer. Feed as a meal, add as a topper or offer as a treat.

什麼是風乾? What is air drying?

Inspired by raw diet, air drying is a preservation method that eliminates the moisture for microbial growth without the use of high temperatures. This method results in shelf-stable, highly palatable food, and preserves vital nutrients, offering nutrition similar to a raw diet.

風乾:通過蒸發過程去除水分。原料被放入乾燥室,通過空氣不斷循環,緩慢而溫和地蒸發水分,達至最高 14% 水分。與冷凍乾燥相比,風乾飼料的水分含量更高,便於即開即用。
Air drying: Moisture is removed via the process of evaporation. Ingredients are placed into drying chambers, where air is continually circulated, slowly and gently evaporating moisture until a maximum level of 14% is reached. With higher moisture than freeze-dried, air dried diets offer scoop & feed convenience.

1)當地製作 Locally Produced

Our Air dried food is proudly made in Canada.

2)最低程度加工 Minimally Processed

Gently air dried at low temperatures to preserve all the nutrients.

3)營養豐富 Highly Nutritious

92%魚、肉和器官以及8% 的水果、脂肪、維生素和礦物質。
92% Fish, Meat & Organs and 8% Fruits, Fats, Vitamins & Minerals.

4)優質食材 Real Food Simple Food

Nutrience air-dried The Farmer food showcases our country’s fresh, high quality ingredients.

5)即開即用 Scoop & Serve

Serve it as a meal, treat or topper.

6)手工製作 Handerafted


7)不含抗生素和激素 Antibiotic & Hormone-Free

All our air-dried meat, poultry and fish are completely free from hormones and antibiotics.

成份 Ingredients
牛肺、牛脾、牛肝、鮭魚、豬肝、羊肉、牛肉、豬肉、蔓越莓、藍莓、磷酸二鈣、蘋果、酵母提取物、南瓜、椰子油、鹽、魚油、歐芹、絲蘭提取物、迷迭香提取物、碳酸鈣、酒石酸氫膽鹼、氯化鉀、蛋白質銅、硫酸鎂、核黃素補充劑、硒酵母、蛋白質鋅、蛋白質錳、鹽酸吡哆醇、維生素 B12 補充劑、維生素 E 補充劑、維生素 D3 補充劑、維生素 A 補充劑、單硝酸硫胺、菸酸補充劑、葉酸、d-泛酸鈣、乾酪乳桿菌、發酵乳桿菌。

Beef lung, beef spleen, beef liver, salmon, pork liver, lamb, beef, pork, cranberry, blueberry, dicalcium phosphate, apple, yeast extract, pumpkin, coconut oil, salt, fish oil, parsley, Yucca schidigera extract, rosemary extract, calcium carbonate, choline bitartrate, potassium chloride, copper proteinate, magnesium sulfate, riboflavin supplement, selenium yeast, zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin E supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin A supplement, thiamine mononitrate, niacin supplement, folic acid, d-calcium pantothenate, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus fermentum.

營養分析 Guaranteed analysis
Crude protein min 38.0%
Crude fat min 25.0%
Crude fiber max 5.5%
Moisture max 14.0%
Omega-6 fatty acids* min 1.6%
Omega-3 fatty acids* min 0.6%
Total microorganisms* min  3,000,000,000 CFU/lb

(L. casei, L. fermentum in descending amounts)

* Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.
Contains a source of viable naturally occurring microorganisms.

CALORIE CONTENT (calculated):

4,210 kcal/kg or 478 kcal/cup ME


Nutrience Air Dried The Rancher for Dogs is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

餵食方法 Feeding Guide

Nutrience Air Dried 有益於所有品種和年齡的狗。每隻狗都是獨一無二的。根據品種、年齡、活動水平和環境,您的狗可能需要更多或更少的食物。只需從我們的建議開始,根據需要進行調整,並確保始終有提供淨水。
Nutrience Air Dried benefits dogs of all breeds and life stages. Every dog is unique. Your dog may require more or less food depending on breed, life stage, activity level, and environment.  Simply start with our recommendations, adjust as needed, and make sure to always have fresh water available.

體重 WEIGHT 低活動量成年 Less Active Adult 高活動量成年 More Active Adult
1 kg (2.2 lb): 1/5 1/5 cup daily
5 kg (11 lb): 2/3 3/4 cup daily
15 kg (33 lb): 1 1/2 1 3/4 cup daily
30 kg (66 lb): 2 1/2 2 3/4 cup daily
50 kg (110 lb): 3 3/4 4 1/3 cup daily
產地 : 加拿大
Nutrience AD Rancher

1kg, 454g



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