Flexi New Comfort 可伸縮狗拖帶 5m 紅色(中碼)



Flexi 新型舒適可伸縮 5m 帶頭(中)。

Comfort 導線採用 Flexi Classic 的風格設計,具有舒適的、符合人體工程學設計的手柄,還具有一系列獨特的用戶友好功能和配件。


牽引繩的設計可延長至 5m (16ft) 的距離,讓您的狗更自由,同時讓您完全控制並能夠根據需要收回您的寵物。

適用於體重不超過 25 公斤的狗。

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Flexi New Comfort Retractable 5m Tape Lead (Medium).

Designed in the style of the Flexi Classic, the Comfort lead has a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle and also features a range of unique user-friendly features and accessories.

The sophisticated lightweight lead also features a comfortable short-stroke braking button as part of the built-in quick response braking system, ensuring the highest standard of safety and comfort on your daily walks.

The lead has been designed to extend up to a distance of 5m (16ft), allowing your dog more freedom, whilst allowing you full control and the ability to retract your pet as needed.

Suitable for dogs weighing up to 25kg.


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