Virbac Eye Cleanser for Cats and Dogs 125ml


  • Same pH value of the tear fluid of dogs and cats
  • Helps soften and remove dried secretions
  • Cleaning of the eye and eyelids

The pH(7.4) of the Virbac Eye Cleanser is the same as that of the tear fluid of dogs and cats. It contains floral extracts with sedative properties, as well as salicylic acid and boric acid in very low quantities, which helps soften and remove dried secretions.

Cleaning of the eye and eyelids.
Removal of foreign bodies (plant debris, dust, sand).

Salicylic acid, boric acid, sodium salt, witch hazel and cornflower water.

Direction of Use:
Hold the head firmly. Please take support against your chest to get a good grip.
Soak a cotton ball with Virbac’s eyes and remove secretions and debris to the eye. Dry in a direction away from the eye to avoid soiling into the eye.
Gently rinse the eye. Take the support by placing your hand on the animal’s cheek, so that if the animal jerks out his hand away from the eye. Wipe away excess fluid.


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