Quantel Round & Tapewormer for Dogs & Cats



Unique formula, safe and reliable, significant efficacy. Once and get rid of more than ten kinds of intestinal parasites in dogs and cats. Treatment of cats and dogs lung worm gut Giardia lamblia high efficacy

Role: in vivo treatment of parasitic infections in dogs and cats, such as roundworms (round worms), worms, hookworm, whipworm and worm (including hydatid worm) and in the case of a worm hole colonization, cats and dogs intestinal worms pear lung flagellate.


User Guide

• For six months or more puppies or adult dogs: (every three months)

Weight Serving
• 0.5-2.5kg 1/4 tablets
• 2.5 – 5kg 1/2 tablets
• 6 – 10kg 1 tablet
• 11-15kg 1 1/2 tablets
• 16-20kg 2 tablets
• 21-25kg 2 1/2 tablets
• 26-30kg 3 tablets
• 31-35kg 3 1/2 tablets
• 36-40kg 4 tablets


• For a cat: (every three months)

Weight Serving
• 0.5-2.5kg 1/4 tablets
• 2.5 – 5kg 1/2 tablets


Suffering from clinical insects, a booster dose can be:

• Adult: 1 serving per 10kg body weight, and even served two days.

• Cat: 5kg of body weight per serving ½ tablets, and even served three days.

• Treatment of cat lung worms: 5kg body weight per serving ½, and even served three days.

Quantel dewormer

10 tablets, 2 tablets


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