Provet 100% Coriolus Formula


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Longevity, healthiness & happiness of pets are always top concerns of all owners. “ProVet Formula” by Wai Yuen Tong is a series of pet supplements formulated by Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Veterinarians with 100% natural Chinese herbs for dogs and cats. It is a safe and effective way to restore health, enhance body strength and life quality of your beloved pets.

“ProVet Coriolus Formula for Critical Illnesses” is tailor-made for cats and dogs for relieving discomforts caused by treatment, post-rehabilitation health care and strengthening body constitution. It helps boost immune system against abnormal cells, fatigue and lack of strengthen. This pet supplement also helps improve vitality & promote health appetite. It is suitable for cats & dogs with critical illnesses.

  • ProVet Formula Developed by Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Veterinarians & Validated by Chinese Medicine Practitioners
  • 100% Natural Chinese Herbs
  • No Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Artificial Flavors Added
  • Passed the Safety Tests Including Heavy Metal Determination, Pesticide Residue & Microbial Evaluation
  • Made in Hong Kong

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  • 適用於患有危重疾病的貓狗
  • 解除治療帶來的不適
  • 增強免疫系統對抗異常細胞
  • 對抗疲勞和缺乏力量,增強活力,促進健康食慾
  • 康復後保健與強身健體



100% 雲芝提取物



  • 3公斤以下:每天服用1/2粒膠囊
  • 3 – 8 公斤:每天服用 1 粒膠囊
  • 超過 8 公斤:每天服用 2 粒膠囊


  • 3 公斤以下:每天服用 1 粒膠囊
  • 3 – 6 公斤:每天兩次,每次 1 粒膠囊
  • 6 – 13 公斤:每天兩次,每次 2 粒
  • 13 – 20 公斤:每天兩次,每次 3 粒
  • 超過 20 公斤:每天兩次服用 4 粒膠囊









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