1. Bank transfer

  • After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation email or SMS with bank transfer payment information
  • Bank counter / ATM / Online Banking can be used:
  • HSBC 488-8-031962
    Bank of China 722-2-011849-7
    East Asia 142-68-00805-8
    FPS: 162766760
    PayMe: 96647599

    • The deposit receipt must be kept for verification of payment. If you use online bank transfer, please provide a screenshot proof
    • After payment, please use the following methods to notify us and provide the payment receipt:
    1. Click “Contact Us” at the bottom right of the page, select “Payment, Provide Payment Receipt” and select your order number, and upload the payment receipt to us, click “Submit” after completion.
    2. Email to bestpet2010@gmail.com, please provide your order number and payment receipt in the email.
    3. Whatsapp to +852-63551160, please provide your order number and payment receipt in Whatsapp.
    • After receiving the payment receipt, we will verify it within 1 working day. When we successfully verify your payment, we will immediately update the order status to “paid, pending delivery”.

2. Credit card payment

  • When placing an order, choose to pay by credit card, log in to your Paypal account according to the instructions or pay directly by credit card, and the order status will be updated immediately after completion, without the need to provide a separate payment receipt, which is convenient and quick

3. Cash on delivery

  • Direct payment by cash, Alipay, WeChat Pay or credit card during delivery

Delivery service

  • We will provide customers with the fastest delivery arrangements according to customer orders and the delivery schedule of our store, including personal delivery or residential express delivery.
  • Delivery upon purchase of HK$500 or above
  • Accept Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories (except Discovery Bay, Ma Wan, outlying islands)
  • After placing the order, our staff will contact you to confirm the order and delivery time.
  • Only one delivery address is accepted for each order.
  • It usually takes 1 to 5 working days.
  • If there is no elevator to the delivery address and you need to walk up the stairs, please specify when ordering, otherwise the delivery arrangement will be affected. Under normal circumstances, there will be a $10 handling surcharge for each bag of stairs (up to 10 steps) (the actual charge will be based on the weight of the product, and the relevant fee will be notified when the order is confirmed). If you receive the goods downstairs, you do not need to charge Additional fee.
  • The goods are delivered to the destination and no one receives them, and we need to arrange the next delivery. The store will charge a $60 delivery fee and arrange the second delivery.
  • If the customer asks to put the goods at the door or management office, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  • When a typhoon or black rain takes effect, the delivery service will be automatically postponed due to the safety of the delivery colleagues. The store will call the customer again to confirm the new delivery time, or the customer can contact the store to make another arrangement.
  • In the event of heavy rain or other severe weather or special traffic jams, the delivery time may be delayed. Our store will change the delivery arrangement according to individual circumstances. The affected customers will receive a call from us and make arrangements again.
  • If the delivery location is remote, such as suburbs, villages, no direct cars, etc., we may not be able to provide delivery services to customers. Please call us for details.

Village houses are delivered by one staircase (within the 12th level), the first two are free of charge, and there is an additional $10 for every two packages thereafter.

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