Dog Grooming Service

Cat Grooming Service

Guinea Pig Grooming Service

Rabbit Grooming Service

Professional Groomer with Certification



All Shaved Style

Done by Shaver on body, head, tail, legs and arms


Pet Style ( Shaved Body)

Shaver on body ( NO MORE THAN 1 CM ) ; Hand clip head, tail, legs and arms


Full Hand-Clip Pet Style

Full Hand-clip on body, head, tail, legs and arms

* Bath is included


Bathing, Conditioning, Brushing, Blow Drying, Belly Hair Shaving. Nail Clipping. Paw Hair Removal. Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Express

Nail & Ear Combo

Nail clipping, Ear Cleaning, Paw Hair Removal , Shave Around Anal Gland Area

*Welcome to call us for a grooming Appointment at 28875753 or Whatsapp :63551160

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